Sunday, October 16, 2016

Published On Apple News and Next...Another Platform

Sometimes you have to use unconventional ways to get the world to read your work.

Look out there. There is a lot of competition to write. You’re out there competing against seasoned writers that have been writing for years, writes who are mediocre but have a large following/fan base, writers who are literal gods that should be worshipped when they drop a pen in a cafe somewhere, writers who just write about any and everything, writers who write what they want to write about so they don’t become “commercialized” and wanted to write about tings that they liked. Screw the world and commercialization.

Sure they haven’t published anything since Dan Quayle set his English book on fire, but none of that matters. Principles. We all have them until our stomach begins to growl and we’re writing by candlelight.

So, we do what we can do to get published. Again, in the writing world, writers are practically standing on their heads and screaming “Notice me!”. Some are good and some shouldn’t even be writing a grocery list. I’ve found some appalling books on Amazon.

However, through Quora, a writer could be published by writing a great answer. Use every opportunity that you can find to become published.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Two New Books Coming To You!--Faithful and Lovely Readers! Get Your Kindles Plugged in and Charged to Go! From Sonya Dickerson

Looking for something to read this Fall? Like a great short story that you can immerse yourself in? I have two book on the horizon that I know will keep you busy on the treadmill, knitting some socks, or reading on the train. However you read, I promise these two books from Sonya Dickerson won’t disappoint you in the least. 

I present....


A young mulatto man, working in the trade of peddling human flesh has a change of heart. He envisions a place where free people of color can live and grab a piece of the American dream that they were getting ready to fight for in the American colonies. To free themselves from the same kind of Tyranny that the Americans wanted from the British. However, where were these people coming from. He would have to free them first.

This will be hopefully a Kindle Single if selected, once submitted, and a short story about a slave rebellion. Good for a Sunday morning read or a read in front of the fireplace for the Fall. A great time to start a story. 

Fragments of a Plague

Eileen Cake has just learned that her first born and only child is dead. She later finds out that he has died. Since putting him out of her house in the late 70s, she didn’t realize how his life had changed in such a short period. She also didn’t realize that a silent pandemic was growing. The only thing she has is his diary that he left, while she pieces together the fragments of his tragic and short life. She learns so much from the book about her son and about her self. She makes a decision in the end that will have consequences but she feels that it would be the last thing that she could do for her son. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

On Orlando

Bullets not only shatter glass and bodies,
They shatter ties and dreams
Unfulfilled quests and ideas,
Frequently lead to tragic things.

For those that came to the end,
Facing death heroically,
Those grazed by danger, yet survived,
Now losing faith in humanity.

Random violence is not random,
When hatred lives in your heart.
The heart beating ticks like a time bomb,
Blowing precious lives apart.

Let us remember that words uttered.
Hateful and said with shame.
They are as powerful as gunshots,
And they help us shoulder the blame.

We should collectively remember,
Not leave this in the past,
For blinking lights and ringing phones,

Make for a ghastly epitaph.

--© 2016 by Sonya Dickerson

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Best Seller on Amazon "The Bridesmaids"

Best Selling List on Amazon, "The Bridesmaids"

So The Bridesmaids is doing well...

It's #16 in Women's Fiction/Psychological
It's #40 in Suspense/Psychological

And it's just Day One

Pick a copy of this book up today. Because it costs you NOTHING.

Looking for a good read? This book is the book to kick off the 2016 Wedding season. If you are getting married, in a wedding, or just love weddings, then this is a great book for you to read. Planning weddings are stressful and this is a great book to unwind with.

The book isn't long so it doesn't take long to get to the end. The suspenseful end that you won't see coming. The characters pretty much leap off the page and the dialogue writes itself. See what happens when the secrets of these four women come to light.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Social Media is Going Crazy Over the Bridesmaids Book

I'm very excited over the preliminary attention that, "The Bridesmaids" has gotten in a very short time. Many people have said that the characters jumped off the page and seemed very realistic. I was very happy to have written a book where the readers were able to identify with this book and enjoy it. Hopefully, this translates to more people reading a copy and letting me know what they think. This is just the beginning.

Thank you guys so much for the love and support!
Buy The Bridesmaids

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Bridesmaids

I'm so excited for my next book, "The Bridesmaids"!
Get swept up in the characters as they navigate through this bizarre world. Things aren't as they always seem.

Four friends are coming together to celebrate a wedding of two high school sweethearts. However, these girls don't travel alone to Chicago. They bring secrets packed along in with their makeup cases and phone chargers.

One by one, each secret will be revealed throughout this three day wedding weekend. Each secret could threaten the wedding or their very lives.

It's a book that you won't be able to put down. Preorder the book today so that it will be on your Kindle immediately! Or order your copy on the 27th!

"The characters come alive from the very first page! Some writers write characters that are so bland, you can barely tell who's talking. Not in this book! There are quite a few twists and turns that you really don't see coming! I couldn't put it down. I was given this book to review and I was totally blown away by the writing. If this book isn't a best seller by the summer, then I don't know what to do!"--KH

Monday, March 7, 2016

Join Our Facebook Event--The Bridesmaids Official Week!

Celebrate with us! Starting March 27, 2016, the Bridesmaids will be celebrating our week! This kicks off the official wedding season of 2016! If you love weddings this is the event for you. Celebrate with us, no matter where you are in the world!

Order your copy of "The Bridesmaids" today. Get swept up in the fever surrounding this book. You'll be sucked in immediately by the characters and the secrets that they carry. Drive yourself crazy trying to figure out where the next twists and turns will be. I had a ball writing this book and I hope that you enjoy it as you plan for the 2016 Wedding Season!